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Thoughts from self-quarantine week 3

Updated: Apr 7

I’m sitting on my couch watching my two kids aged 4 and 7 build Lego sets by themselves. The bread maker is buzzing in the background and life is pretty good under the circumstances. Despite this being week 3 of self-quarantine, I appreciate that my kids and I are healthy, we have food and toilet paper, we have access to a yard, and spring is coming. I know that I am very lucky that we can stay home and be safe.

I could leave you with this Insta version of my life but the truth is I’m tired (my husband is here but in the basement and off limits to help with the kids). Full-time single parenting while trying to work is not sustainable even with more screen time. And I cannot leave the kids with my neighbors or call a babysitter. During this time, I’ve lost being able to rely on my community and the joy of providing that same support back. This loss of community makes me realize how lucky I am to have such supportive neighbors.

I know this is all temporary but I also wonder whether something will change in how we interact and collaborate after the pandemic has passed. Will we be more fearful of each other or will we build stronger human connection in the real world? How can we build a better system where human well being is at the forefront? This keeps me up at night.

For our readers out there, how are you feeling during this quarantine?



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